Limestone Lake Texas.

I did it!  My first boondocking experience in Texas.  It was also the first time I used my new blocks to level out my camper.  It's kind of like stacking legos! For the experience, I chose Limestone Lake Public Park and Boat Launch site in Texas.  It's a beautiful little place with an amazing view … Continue reading Limestone Lake Texas.


The Petrified Garden.

Dead trees are not usually on my list of things to see but these dead trees were petrified. Not they weren’t scared, they were turned to stone. They looked exactly like pieces of wood but they were hard as rock and had been that way for thousands of years. Still, it wasn’t much of a … Continue reading The Petrified Garden.

1909 Sod House.

In a little place just outside of the Badlands in South Dakota stands an original Prairie Homestead. Erected in 1909 by Ed and Alice Brown it is one of the last remaining original soddies intact as one of the most common ways to create a home in the great west has disappeared through prairie rains, … Continue reading 1909 Sod House.

The Badlands.

South Dakota is a mecca for tourists as it is rich with all sorts of sights to see, from Mt. Rushmore to tours of caves to the Laura Ingles homestead and more. I thought about going to the homestead for all those people I know who enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie series but … Continue reading The Badlands.

Manitoba Legislature.

One of the fun and frustrating things I did in Winnipeg was visit the Manitoba Legislature. It's a beautiful building and the self-guided tour is absolutely free, all you have to do is check in when you arrive and check out when you leave. Finished in 1920 this building was designed and built by Frank … Continue reading Manitoba Legislature.

Manitoulin Island.

There is a beautiful island in Ontario that can be reached by ferry of by bridge.  The Little Current Swing Bridge has the only set of traffic lights on Manitoulin Island.  The bridge is for one lane traffic only and rotates ninety degrees for marine traffic to pass through. I ended up staying at Gore … Continue reading Manitoulin Island.