Limestone Lake Texas.

IMG_20181013_125421_608I did it!  My first boondocking experience in Texas.  It was also the first time I used my new blocks to level out my camper.  It’s kind of like stacking legos!

For the experience, I chose Limestone Lake Public Park and Boat Launch site in Texas.  It’s a beautiful little place with an amazing view of Limestone Lake and a grassy park area.  There is abundant wildlife with deer (who are far too quick to get on camera!), cattle lowing in the distance, and birds!  There were even a few fish for the avid fishermen trying to catch them.

I particularly loved that it is totally free!  There are no hook ups and the park staff just waved at me as they passed by on their gator, making sure that things were all right.  I parked in a spot right at the corner of the park, just off of the circular drive and right near the beach.  It was very quiet with only me and the boaters most of the time.  Occasionally, people would come to swim or fish along the shore but for the most part Bean and I were very alone in this spot.  There are neighbouring houses right nearby so it didn’t feel too secluded.  I enjoyed the calm waters, wading with Bean in the hot sun and watching a couple of thunderstorms come in.

The beach is sandy overgrown with grass making it a much more natural looking place.  Also in the sand are ants!  So be careful for the ant hills.  I made the mistake of stepping on one while I was setting up my camper and those little red ants are quick and bitey!  They really make their presence and their displeasure known very quickly.  I used Benadryl to calm down my itchy nerves after soaking my feet in the lake.

Texas is the first state where I’ve seen a lot of bugs.  All the other places I have travelled it is cold enough that the insects have simply either died or gone into hiding.  Not in Texas.  There are wasps as big as your thumb and dragonflies that can span your hand!  The dragonflies were very beautiful and nice visitors.  Other than my bug aversion, I really liked this spot and would recommend it.  It is a lovely area to sit and write and I managed to get over five thousand words done on a novel I’m writing.


Travelling through Texas!

Josie and the Bean.



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