Mmmmnn… Cookies!

I do like to bake but there isn’t enough storage space and counter space to bake from scratch.  I also do not have an oven.  I have a microwave that I use for storage since I haven’t hooked up to electricity in a while.  So out came one of my favourite, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.20181013_161351

When baking on top of the stove it’s necessary to use parchment paper for cookies and to keep the flame as low as possible.  To do otherwise will mean burnt cookies which no one wants.  I have a skillet and cut the parchment paper to approximately the same size as the surface of the pan.  Please don’t make fun of my non circle, I’m not great with scissors when I’m in a hurry.  I chose a mix made by Quaker Oatmeal.  I’ve had these in the past and they are really good.  You can follow the directions or use a little bit of oil instead of the butter.  Either way they come out very tasty.

I mixed up my dough and put four rounds of it on the parchment paper.  I flattened the dough because it will not cook evenly if you put it in round balls like in a traditional oven.  I’m also not very good at making cookies round.  Personally I don’t much care since they came out yummy!

I didn’t preheat the pan.  I have a propane stove in my camper with two burners.  Putting the stove on the lowest setting possible, I placed my pan on top and put a lid on it to keep in the heat and help the cookies cook thoroughly.  8-12 minutes later I flipped my cookies and let them cook for 1-3 minutes on the other side then took them off, allowing them to cool on a rack so that the bottoms would firm up.

I repeated the process by putting a new round cut parchment sheet on the pan and flattening out new dough.  This round took a couple of minutes less cook time.  If you try to cook cookies on your stove top, you’ll notice that you’ll have to keep a close eye on them because bake times vary due to individual temperatures of appliances.

These cookies tasted amazing and I got to enjoy them while seeing some amazing sights by the water!


Loving It,

Josie and the Bean



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