Where I Stay.

Let’s face it.  I’m cheap.  Or as the Frisans like to say, I’m frugal.

It’s true.  I like to stay at places that are for free.  I figure I’m spending enough on gas, I really don’t want to spend money to spend the night somewhere just to move on the next day.  That’s why I drag my home along with me.  Sure I spend almost twice as much on gas as I would if I weren’t dragging my house along behind the Jeep but I don’t have to pay for motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, or any other sort of place to stay.  I have a mobile bed.

This means that I stay at a lot of Walmarts overnight in the parking lot.  Many Walmarts are RV friendly and will allow one night of overnight parking to each vehicle.  It can be noisy but it’s safe and easily available.  Sometimes, I’ve stayed at a Food Basics or other large parking lot.  As long as there are no signs stating that overnight parking is not allowed (usually a bylaw from the city) then I can stay.  I’ve also stayed at a church parking lot for a number of days in Thunder Bay.  The Thunder Bay United Reformed Church has often hosted campers, and as long as you are willing to attend services, I think it’s a great deal.  I was invited to Sunday lunch at the minister’s home and enjoyed chatting with the family and other visitors that they hosted.  The church people were friendly and I was even allowed to top up my water which was very helpful.

I did choose to cave in and go to an RV Park in Texas.  After many days of trying to get away from the cold weather that seems like it has been continually following me with snow and ucky rain, I was tired and wanted a bit of a break.  Plus, the free wifi drew me in.  I reasoned that the gas money I could have spent moving was spent staying still.  It was also nice to be around people to talk to again.  I met some wonderful people, one who is travelling full time just like me, and another who followed their spouse to Texas because of the job market.  Texas is currently experiencing a boom and has an unemployment rate of just over two percent.  It’s making housing affordability a real issue and so they have opted to rent monthly space from the RV Park while they consider their options.

I haven’t done too much boondocking yet and look forward to that part of the adventure.

Still travelling,

Josie and the Bean.








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