The Petrified Garden.

Dead trees are not usually on my list of things to see but these dead trees were petrified. Not they weren’t scared, they were turned to stone. They looked exactly like pieces of wood but they were hard as rock and had been that way for thousands of years.

Still, it wasn’t much of a thing to see. I’ve seen wood lots as a farm girl with a furnace that burned wood. I’ve also seen a lot of stones. So, after the first few moments, it really isn’t much. Yet the Petrified Gardens in South Dakota are something to see. They have all sorts of stones and an old cabin where people had managed to survive the blizzard of 1949. The cabin has been moved from it’s original location, just as I’m sure all of the other items at the little tourist location had been moved as well.

DSCN0727Besides the rock trees, there are other rocks there. From rose quartz to many other stones, some of value, some not so much. There are even rocks that glow. The reason they can glow in the dark for a brief time after the light is turned off is because of minerals with phosphorescence. However, the real tour begins inside when you get to see fossils, arrowheads, interesting skeletons and more. The place is packed with display cases full of interesting items including fossilised bones from prehistoric animals.  There we even tortoise shells that had been fossilised.

There was also a gift shop where numerous rocks, fossils and tacky souvenirs can be purchased.  Many items were quite nice but I already have an amethyst bracelet bought in Thunder Bay so I chose not to spend my money.  See the following link for that story:

Been found a little snake who kept his head covered because he was scared of her.

17 degrees Celsius with sun so I was tanning today 🙂 ,

Josie and the Bean.


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